1Are you a Crossfit Gym?
No. CrossFit is a brand to which we are not affiliated. However, like CrossFit we use tried and tested Old School functional training like Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting to get results.
2Do you "do cardio"?
No. We do not "do cardio" in the traditional sense. We use metabolic conditioning to ensure all our members and athletes are physically prepared for whatever their pursuits are.
3Am I going to get bulky if I lift weights?
No. You are going to get strong and fit, your body fat % is probably going to drop too.
4Isn't it a bit expensive?
No. A BMW costs more than a Skoda for a good reason.
5Do you offer refunds if I can't be bothered to come?
Errrr, no.
6Are there mandatory long contracts?
There are discounts available for longer commitments but as a rule of thumb, all our memberships are month to month and require just 1 month notice to exit, giving you peace of mind.